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Movie Reviews 1/2002

Star Wars Episode I:  The Phantom Menace
Director:  George Lucas
20th Century Fox
     Considered by many to be the most anticipated movie of all time, The Phantom Menace disappointed most fans in the theaters, but has found new life in DVD.  This two disc set not only presents the film in perfect widescreen format, it also includes trailers/teasers, commentary, deleted scenes, and an amazing hour long documentary that takes you through the entire production process of the film.  For SW fans this is a must have, and the movie itself opens up a new dimension to the universe that we so love.  I'll admit that my initial reaction to the film was a bit a disappointment, but since then I have read nearly 20 SW novels and gone back to the original trilogy that I loved as a kid many times.  Star Wars is an institution and hopefully Lucas will continue what he has started with this DVD on the DVD release for the rest of the saga. 

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