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     Welcome to The Masses at Midnight, a dive into the dark worlds of science fiction and underground rock 'n' roll.  I've put together this magazine because I saw a void that needed to be filled.  As a fan of sci-fi/fantasy/horror and punk rock, I know that I am not the only one out there that rocks out to the Bombshell Rocks, Stiff Little Fingers, and The Devil Dogs while on the way to the video store to pick up the special limited edition DVD of Army of Darkness, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and the latest Killing Creatures Double Feature.  This mag will not have the most up-to-date info on whatever, but it will engage in in-depth analysis, thought, and laughter into these seeming different subjects (amongst other things).  Each issue of TMAM will contain reviews of music, movies, books, television shows, along with in-depth features of directors, bands, record labels, web sites, interviews, and even some fiction to boot. 
     We hope you enjoy you stay, and please either drop us a line or tell us what you think on our message boards. 

Take care,
Dave Brown

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