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Movie Reviews 1/2002

Ghost World
Director:  Terry Zwigoff
     Ghost World perfectly captures that time after high school where the world is changing around you, new friends come and old friends go, and each day is a new adventure that is exciting and terrifying all at the same time.  It is not often that I actually go to the movies, and it is even less often that a movie like this comes to OKC.  This is a breathtaking piece of cinema in every way, from the poignant use of shadows to the amazing interaction between Thora Birch (Enid) and Steve Buscemi (Seymour).  This is a film for anyone that has felt alone (especially in high school) and scared. 

The Mummy Returns
Director: Stephen Sommers
Universal Studios
     I went into both The Mummy and The Mummy Returns not expecting much and was pleasantly surprised both times.  This is your typical Indiana Jones type, archeology sci-fi flick.  The Mummy Returns stands out because of the excellent performance by Brendan Fraser as our hero Rick O'Connell as well as good performances by Freddie Boath (Alex O'Connell), and Arnold Vosloo (Lord Imhotep).  This film is pure eye candy and light hearted action/adventure fun. 

The Powerpuff Girls:  The Mane Event
Director:  John McIntyre, Craig McCracken
Warner Bros.
     This is a must have DVD for fans of The Powerpuff Girls.  Included are six of the best episodes, plus a Shonen Knife music video, the original Powerpuff Girls cartoon by the shows creator, and hilarious commentary on two episodes (one by The Mayor and one by Mojo Jojo).  Excellent DVD!     

High Fidelity
Director:  Stephen Frears
     This is one of those movies that John Cusack was born to star in (like Say Anything…, Better Off Dead, and Grosse Pointe Blank).  High Fidelity is the story of Chicago record store owner Rob Gordon (Cusack) and his relationships highs, lows, and top five favorite songs to go along with them.  Beautifully acted and directed, High Fidelity is a must. 

House on Haunted Hill
Director:  William Malone
Warner Bros.
     Have you ever had a hard time expressing just how utterly bad something is?  Well this movie (if you can call it that) is total crap.  Poorly acted, sloppily directed, and a ridiculous use of gore equals a big fat waste of money.  Please do yourself a favor and avoid this movie at all costs. 

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