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Reviews:  The reviews section will be broken into three (possibly four) subsections. 
     The music section with contain reviews of rock 'n' roll, oi, punk, soul, country, blues,  rockabilly, psychobilly and bluegrass released on independent record labels (Note:  I am not focusing on independent releases for some "holier than thou" punk rock reason.  I just happen to believe in independent music and that these bands deserve the coverage, especially since the other half of this magazines potential audience might have never heard any of this fantastic music.) 
     The movie section will contain reviews of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and cult classic DVD's and videos. 
     The book section will contain reviews of
Star Wars novels (my current obsession), books on film, music, and whatever else I can find to read.

Music Reviews 6/2002

Music Reviews 1/2002

Movie Reviews 1/2002

Book Reviews -- coming soon

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