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Music Reviews 1/2002

Sixer - Busted Knuckles & Heartbrak EP
TKO Records
     Richmond, VA's Sixer breaks out with their five-song debut EP, impressively combining punk with southern rock.  If catchy, grooving, punk rock 'n' roll is you thing, Sixer won't disappoint.  Imagine Social Distortion jamming with Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC.  And don't miss the fantastic hook and harmonies of the CD's closing track "Sugar Water", it's a classic.

Trent Summar & the New Row Mob - Trent Summar & the New Row Mob
VFR Records
     Trent Summar and co. cranks out country music the way it's meant to be played!  In the vein of the early country greats, Hank Williams, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash, Trent Summar takes the country formula and adds his own two cents, creating one of the best records out of Nashville in years.  Tracks like "Colene", "The Beat Don't Ever Stop", and "Paint Your Name Purple" will have your toes tapping and your boots scootin' all night long.  This CD rocks, even if you are not a fan of country music. 

Sixer - Saving Grace
TKO Records
     Sixer returns with their first full length CD, picking right up where the
Busted Knuckles & Heartbrak EP left off.  12 killer punk rock 'n' roll tunes that will leave you wanting more.  If you like The Forgotten, Social Distortion, AC/DC, The Clash, or ZZ Top, you'll love Sixer.

Swingin' Utters - Swingin' Utters
Fat Wreck Chords
     The Swingin' Utters take punk rock 'n' roll to a new level on this, their fifth full length CD.  Following the progression set forth in 1998;s
Five Lessons Learned and continued on the Brazen Head EP and the split CD with Youth Brigade, Swingin' Utters mixes punk with country, folk, and traditional rock 'n' roll seamlessly into a sound that is unique and timeless.  Add to that heart felt lyrics and you have a nearly perfect CD.  The open track "Pills and Smoke" takes you on a wild ride through the life of a teenager, while "The Note" tackles relationship hell, and "Another Day" is the chronicle of a working man maturing through his band, music, and life.  Add to that the Meatloaf-esque "Teen Idol Eyes", the poetic ballad "My Glass House", and a rockin' version of "Eddie" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  This is an extremely good CD.   

The Staggers - The Sights, The Sounds, The Fear, and The Pain
Haunted Town Records
     Blazing from Dallas, TX, The Staggers (formerly known as Riot Squad) strike with a vengeance of rockabilly fueled punk rock anthems.  From the opening chords of "You Won't Live to See Tomorrow" to the closing embrace of "Have a Drink", The Staggers take you on a southern journey through tales of working class struggles, vampires, and the old west.  Utterly enjoyable and incredibly passionate,
The Sights… is a fantastic CD.  Plus as an added bonus there are three bonus track from the Riot Squad days.   

The Templars- Horns of Hattin
GMM Records
     The Templars return with their traditional brand of skinhead oi. 
Horns of Hattin is one of The Templars' best releases to date (my favorite is the Clockwork Orange Horrorshow EP).  Songs like "Breakdown", "Shift the Blame", and "Enemies" showcase this band's ability to put together catchy oi tunes that make you want to dance, while "Consequences" seamlessly blends acoustic folk into an oi stomper.  This is definitely the right direction for the ever improving, ever expanding band.   

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