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Music Reviews 6/2002

ALL - Live + 1
     Since this a double album, one could say that collectively ALL (as both ALL & Descendents) has released five live albums - Livage, Hallraker, Trailblazer, and now Live + 1.  People often make the mistake of thinking that ALL and the Descendents are two different bands…there not (see the liner notes of Hallraker if you have any questions on this subject).  If you have ever seen ALL live, this (and the other afore mentioned CD's) is a fairly accurate account of their live show, except live the song selection is a complete mix of everything they have ever done, and that is lacking on this CD.  The closest thing to that experience is Milo's rendition of "Original Me" from the album Breaking Things.  This is good because it captures the true essence of this band live, but bad because Milo is not the singer that Chad Price is (side note:  some people will consider that last statement blasphemy but it's the truth.  When Chad joined ALL in 1993 and recorded Breaking Things, the band went to an all new level.  He is the perfect vocalist for this band).  Over all this is a good live CD.  So of the "old favorites" are missing, but a change up of song selection is a good thing.  (db)

Bad Religion - Process of Belief
     This album's release was highly anticipated, mainly due to the return of Brett Guriewitz back on guitar. At first I was disappointed with this album but after giving it a few days, it finally grew on me. Although quite a number of the songs sound a little too busy, for lack of a better term, probably because 3 lead guitar players don't seem to belong in a punk rock band, there are highlights such as "Broken," "Sorrow," "Evangeline," and "You Don't Belong." For Bad Religion fans, I would have to say this is a must buy, however, for those new to Bad Religion, skip this one and go buy either No Control or Stranger Than Fiction instead.  (sl)

Bobbyteens - Young & Dumb
Just Add Water
     This is a collection of early and hard to find 7 inch releases from the one and only Bobbyteens.  Combining pop-punk with 1950's teen sensibility and charm, the Bobbyteens rock out and do not quit.  The only downer to this CD is the quality of the records, which is bad to say the least.  Other than that, this is an extremely fun CD and the Bobbyteens are definitely a band to check out.  (db)

Avoid One Thing - s/t
Side One Dummy
      Boston has always been a hot-bed for underground music.  Being the birth place for DYS, SSD, Gang Green, The Might Mighty Bosstones, Dinosaur Jr., Buffalo Tom, The Pixies, The Ducky Boys, and Dropkick Murphys, has proven that point.  Avoid One Thing mixes Boston's musical history into a surprisingly cohesive structure.  It's good to see a band take as much from Dinosaur Jr. and The Replacements as they do from "traditional" punk rock.  (db)

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