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TMAM:  Do you ever get sick of the comparison to the Misfits?
Billy:  Well, the Misfits comparison mostly comes from us and our publishing for lack of a better way to describe our music. Anybody that's heard us knows we don't really sound like the Misfits. (we are certainly much, much different...and I've heard a whole hell of a lot better from a hell of alot of people) But who the fuck do we sound like!?

TMAM:  Do you have any tour memories or horror stories that stand out in your mind?  Who are your favorite bands to play with? 
Billy:  Man, when your on tour... your always hot and tired and hungry and uncomfortable. But somehow when you get home you don't remember any of that! Bad circumstances always turn out to be a gem of stories. But go tour...those are ours. But maybe I'll write a book someday.
But while on tour we do our damndest to hook up with the GC5 and The Falcons. Now that's fun! after the shows we always lock up the door and leave our shit on stage and jam all night long! it's the fuckin' shit! it's what it's all about, plain and simple. Friends Fun and Food...Rock-n-Roll! Hallelujah!

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