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10 Films that Belong on DVD

     The advent of the DVD has been a god send to movie buffs world wide.  Unlike its expensive and hard to manage predecessor the laser disc, DVD's have taken the movie buying market by storm and given film connoisseurs their deepest and darkest desires.  Whether you like the widescreen format (and yes for you TV wussies out there many discs are available in the standard format) or the wonderful extras (my personal favorite being commentary, but that's just me) or just having a good, nice looking version of your favorite film (if you'd like an example of all three of these categories check out This is Spinal Tap), the DVD format has breathed new life into the home video arena.  All that having been said, there are still many large voids that need to be filed in the hearts of movie buffs and film geeks alike.  How many times have you said to yourself, "Gosh I wish that movie was still available" or "Why did that movie have to go out of print?"  You are not alone.  Everyday fans of cult classics and hard to find wonders search the internet to find a copy of their favorite film only to find it completely unavailable or ready to go to the highest bidder (and you don't have the $100 - 200 dollars that is the current asking price).  Included here in are 10 such films.  The following list comprises some of the most sought after pieces of film ever recorded.  Treasured by fans and completely unavailable, these movies have all proven their worth and deserve the glory of a DVD release.

-- Dave Brown


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